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Agnetha Fältskog

Agnetha Faltskog (CD)

Standard Edition | 1 CD
Release: 08-04-2022

€ 1299



In 1967 Agnetha’s self-penned début single "Jag Var Så Kär" (I Was So In Love) was recorded in October 1967 and released through Cupol Records the following month. It topped the Swedish Chart in January 1968 and sold more than 80,000 copies. The songs on her solo albums may all be sung in Swedish, but her voice is so exceptional that the entertainment factor never diminishes. Her voice is so smooth and beautiful, you won't care that you don't know what she's singing about. One can definitely hear the maturing of her work from the first "Agnetha" in 1967 through to "Elva Kvinnor" in 1975. It's a collection of songs written and performed from the heart.


  • 1. Jag Var Se Kdr (I Was So In Love)
  • 2. Jag Har Forlorat Dej (I Have Lost You)
  • 3. Utan Dej Mitt Gar Vidare (My Life Goes On Without You)
  • 4. Allting Har Forandrat Sei (Everything Has Changed)
  • 5. Forsonade (Reconciled)
  • 6. Slutet Gott, Allting Gott (Alls Well That Ends Well)
  • 7. Tack Sverige (Thank You, Sweden)
  • 8. En Sommar Med Dej (A Summer With You)
  • 9. Snovit Och De Sju Dvargarna (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
  • 10. Min Farbror Jonathan (My Uncle Jonathan)
  • 11. Folj Med Mig (Follow Me)
  • 12. Den Jag Vantat Pa (Your Love is Everywhere)

Releasedatum 08-04-2022
Producttype CD
Inhoud 1 CD
Editie Standard Edition
Exclusive Nee
Reissue Nee
Boxset Nee
Coloured Vinyl Nee
EAN 8718627230732