The Rolling Stones | Honk 3CD DELUXE

    The Rolling Stones | Honk 3CD DELUXE

    € 22,99


      Honk is een nieuwe, 36-tracks ↵tellende, compilatie die loopt tot en met hun laatste studio-album Blue ↵Lonesome uit 2016. De 3CD en de 4LP hebben 10 bonus live tracks. De 4LP ↵is exclusief op deze website te bestellen.


      1. Start Me Up↵
      2. Brown Sugar↵
      3. Rocks Off↵
      4. Miss You↵
      5. Tumbling Dice↵
      6. Just Your Fool
      7. Wild Horses↵
      8. Fool To Cry↵
      9. Angie↵
      10. Beast of Burden↵
      11. Hot Stuff↵
      12. Its Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)↵
      13. Rock And A Hard Place↵
      14. Doom and Gloom↵
      15. Love Is Strong↵
      16. Mixed Emotions↵
      17. Don't Stop↵
      18. Ride 'Em on Down↵
      19. Bitch↵
      20. Harlem Shuffle↵
      21. Hate to See You Go↵
      22. Rough Justice↵
      23. Happy↵
      24. Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo (Heartbreaker)↵
      25. One More Shot↵
      26. Respectable↵
      27. You Got Me Rocking↵
      28. Rain Fall Down↵
      29. Dancing with Mr D↵
      30. Undercover (Of The Night)↵
      31. Emotional Rescue↵
      32. Waiting On A Friend↵
      33. Saint Of Me↵
      34. Out of Control↵
      35. Streets of Love
      36. Out of Tears

      37. Get Off Of My Cloud (Live)↵
      38. Dancing With Mr D (Live)↵
      39. Beast Of Burden (Live) with Ed Sheeran↵
      40. She’s A Rainbow (Live)↵
      41. Wild Horses (Live) with Florence Welch↵
      42. Let’s Spend The Night Together (Live)↵
      43. Dead Flowers (Live) with Brad Paisley↵
      44. Shine A Light (Live)↵
      45. Under My Thumb (Live)↵
      46. Bitch (Live) with Dave Grohl

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