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Proof (3CD)

Standard Edition | 3 CD
Release: 10-06-2022

€ 2799



BTS is back with a brand-new anthology release titled Proof. This new album contains the chronicles of BTS since their debut in 2013 and how they have paved the way with their own blood, sweat and tears.

Contents of Proof (Compact Edition) include: 3 CDs, Booklet, Photocard (random 1 of 7), Postcard (random 1 of 8), Mini Poster and Discography Guide.

Dimensions: 154 x L 153 x H 15 (mm).

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Releasedatum 10-06-2022
Producttype CD
Inhoud 3 CD
Editie Standard Edition
Exclusive Nee
Reissue Nee
Boxset Nee
Coloured Vinyl Nee
EAN 8809848751110