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Written In Their Soul: The Stax Songwriter Demos (7CD Boxset)

Deluxe Edition | 7 CD
Release: 23-06-2023

€ 7999

Wordt maandag, 25-09-2023 verzonden.


Written In Their Soul: The Stax Songwriter Demos brings together 146 demos from the Stax Records vaults highlighting the strength of songwriting talent at the legendary label.

Including 140 tracks that have never been heard before, this collection combines both songwriter demos and in some cases, full blown arrangement into a 7CD set.

The first three discs contain demos by the Stax songwriters that were recorded and released by Stax artists on one of the Stax family of labels (Stax, Volt, Enterprise, We Produce, Koko, Respect, etc.).

The fourth disc contains demos by the Stax songwriters that were recorded and released on record labels OTHER than the Stax family of labels (Atlantic, Decca, Hi, Chimneyville, etc.).

The final three discs contain demos by the Stax songwriters that were never released anywhere. Including songs from legendary songwriters such as William Bell, Steve Cropper, Eddie Floyd, Bettye Crutcher and many more this collection includes unheard versions of some of Soul, and music’s, most well-known songs.

Various Artists Part One
1Carla ThomasComfort Me
2Jeanne & The DarlingsYou Make A Strong Girl Weak
3William BellWhat Did I Do Wrong
4Carla ThomasAnother Night Without My Man
5Eddie FloydI Got Everything I Need
6Eddie FloydMister Fix It
7Eddie FloydI'll Always Have Faith In You
8Eddie FloydGot To Make A Comeback
9Homer BanksI've Seen What Loneliness Can Do
10William BellSlow Train
11The Staple SingersHear My Call, Here
12The Staple SingersTop Of The Mountain
13The Staple SingersI See It
14The Staple SingersThe Ghetto
15Eddie FloydYou Can't Win With A Losing Hand
16Carla ThomasSweet Sensation
17The NewcomersSpare Me The Hurt Of Losing You
18Bettye CrutcherThird Child
19Mack Rice, Luther IngramRespect Yourself
20Bettye CrutcherPeople Come Out Of Your Shell
21Homer BanksI'll Be Your Shelter (In Time Of Storm)
Various Artists Part Two
1Homer BanksGet Up About Yourself
2Bettye CrutcherAll Day Preachin'
3Homer Banks(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don't Want To Be Right
4Carl SmithWe The People
5March WindDo The Sweetback
6Leon MooreWhat Would I Do
7Homer BanksHeaven Knows
8Homer BanksI May Not Be All You Want (But I'm All You Got)
9Veda BrownTrue Love Don't Grow On Trees
10Eddie Floyd(I Didn't Know What Losing Was) 'Till I Lost You
11March WindUntil I Lost You
12Bettye CrutcherDrown Yourself
13Homer BanksIf You're Ready (Come Go With Me)
14Carl SmithI Got To Be Myself
15Bettye CrutcherYou're Spreading Yourself A Little Too Thin
16Bettye CrutcherTake A Walk Down My Street
17Homer BanksBefore The Honeymoon
18Mack RiceNobody But You
19Mack RiceHot Line To Jesus
20William BrownI Hear Footsteps (Coming Closer)
Various Artists Part Three
1Shelbra BennettI'll Be The Other Woman
2Bettye CrutcherWe've Got Love On Our Side
3Frederick KnightIt's So Wonderful
4Mack RiceThat's What Friends Are For
5Bettye CrutcherSugar Daddy
6Henderson ThigpenWoman To Woman
7Bettye CrutcherSo Glad To Have You
8Mack RiceSanta Claus Wants Some Lovin'
9Mack RiceDy-No-Mite (Did You Saw My Love)
10Eddie FloydYour Love Is Amazin'
11Bettye CrutcherWalk On To Your New Love
12Mack RiceSomething Ain't Right
13Bettye CrutcherThere Is A God
14Denise LaSallePacked Up And Took My Mind
15Joe Shamwell, Eddie FloydDon't You Know That It's All Right
16Mack RiceWho Made The Man
17Mack RiceIt Don't Pay To Get Up In The Morning
Various Artists
1Carla ThomasDon't Let The Love Light Leave
2Deanie ParkerI've Got No Time To Lose
3Carla ThomasA Woman's Love
4Eddie Floyd634-5789 (Soulsville, USA)
5Mack RiceLinda Sue Dixon
6Delaney BramlettTold You For The Last Time
7Mack RiceLet Me Know
8Joe ShamwellLet Me Be Yours
9Eddie FloydWe Can Love
10Mack RiceWithout You
11Veda BrownShouting Out Love
12Bettye CrutcherTake My Body
13Homer BanksI've Got A Feeling (We'll Be Seeing Each Other Again)
14Mack RiceI Could Never Be Satisfied
15Mack RiceEverybody's Hustling
16Homer BanksEither You Love Me Or Leave Me
17Mack RiceI've Never Been This Close To Jesus
18Mack RicePussy Footing Around
19Mack RiceThis Time Yesterday
20Mack RiceAre We Slipping Away
21Frederick KnightI Wanna Slow Dance Wit'cha
22Bettye CrutcherWhat You Did To Me Last Night
Various Artists Part One
1Eddie FloydGot To Make You Mine
2Rufus ThomasCome On Dance With Me
3Rufus ThomasI Got To Go For That
4Deanie ParkerSpin It
5Deanie Parker, Mack RiceNobody Wants To Get Old
6Eddie FloydSuch A Feeling
7Eddie FloydNever Say No To The One You Love
8Steve Cropper, Eddie FloydLooks Like Another Hot Summer
9Eddie FloydGive You All The Love I Got
10Carla ThomasIt's Up To You
11Carla ThomasLet's Be Sure
12Booker T. JonesOo-We Baby What You Do To Me
13Homer BanksComing Together
14Homer BanksIt's Over
15Wendy ReneBreak Out (AKA Bust Out)
16Unknown ArtistWalk On Back
17Mack RiceCome On Down
18William BellCan't Make Enough
19Eddie FloydLove Is You
20Bettye CrutcherLet's Get Down To Business
21Henderson ThigpenStone For Stone
22William BellI Won't Do You No Dirt
23Mack RiceJust Too Right To Be Wrong
24The MGsSong #2
Various Artists Part Two
1Homer BanksToo Much Sugar For A Dime
2Bettye CrutcherToo Much Sugar For A Dime
3Homer BanksYou Knock Me Out
4Jimmy HughesI Should Have Changed My Ways
5Eddie FloydTil You Been Loved By Me
6Mack RiceDeaf And Dumb
7William BellIt's No Secret
8Marshall JonesSomebody's Got You Baby
9Mack RiceSomething Keeps Holding Me Back
10Bettye CrutcherTake It All Off
11Eddie FloydDon't You Know I'm All Alone
12Eddie FloydSweet Dreams (I Had Of You)
13Bettye CrutcherAin't No Love Like My Baby's Love
14Bettye CrutcherJust The Way You Loved Me
15Eddie FloydGlory Glory I Love Him
16Eddie FloydStay With Me
17Mack RiceThree Meals A Day
18Bettye CrutcherEverybody Is Talking Love
19Homer BanksDidn't Love Straighten It Out
20John KasandraWe Don't Need Stone Walls
21Carl SmithYou're Funny Boy
Various Artists Part Three
1Eddie FloydShadows On The Wall
2Homer BanksGrandpa's Will
3Bettye CrutcherWhatcha Gonna Do (When You Find The One)
4Jimmy HughesI Got To Keep On Taking Chances
5William BellThank You For Loving Me
6Eddie FloydDo Me Wrong
7Carl Smith, Marshall JonesPut It To A Vote
8Eddie Floyd, Mack RiceDammit
9Bettye CrutcherThe Yard Man
10Bettye CrutcherDon't Stay Gone Too Long
11Eddie FloydHow Can I Win Your Love
12Mack RiceEvery Now And Then
13Willie SingletonSomewhere In Somebody's Heart
14Willie SingletonLove Treaty
15Eddie FloydStaying With My Man
16Mack RiceBread Winner
17Eddie FloydGot To Be Somebody For Me
18Eddie FloydHometown Lover
19Bettye CrutcherDo You Want Me To Lie To You
20Shirley BrownI Don't Care Anymore
21Frederick KnightI Like The Way You Groove Me
Releasedatum 23-06-2023
Producttype CD
Inhoud 7 CD
Editie Deluxe Edition
Exclusive Nee
Reissue Nee
Boxset Ja
Coloured Vinyl Nee
EAN 0888072441514